Horizon Scan of Electronic Health Record Databases

Project Title Horizon Scan of Electronic Health Record Databases

The purpose of this project is to develop and implement a horizon scan and series of interviews to: (1) identify electronic health record (EHR) sources and registries; and (2) conduct initial feasibility assessment of these potential partners for enhancing the Sentinel System. 

This specific project will involve three phases: (1) literature review and environmental scan; (2) interviews with representatives of the most promising data sources identified; and (3) presentations by selected EHR representatives to workgroup members.

The horizon scan will ensure a thorough search of U.S. EHR resources with a particular focus on identifying and evaluating potential sources of data on pediatric, cancer, and pregnancy/birth outcomes, as well as cause of death data. Furthermore, the horizon scan will consider EHR data sources that will be useful to address questions related to future COVID-like outbreaks.

Published Date
Monday, April 20, 2020
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