The Sentinel System Story

When FDA officially launched the Sentinel System early in 2016, the Agency formed a multi-stakeholder workgroup to raise awareness among four critical engagement partners: 

  • The Public
  • Health Advocacy Groups
  • Providers
  • Health Plan Members

The workgroup’s mission was to develop messages to inform these engagement partners about the Sentinel System, letting them know what a valuable tool it is and how it works, and to remind them of the FDA’s commitment to protect patient privacy.

Workgroup members included representatives of the patient community, health advocacy groups, providers, health plan members, the Sentinel System staff, and the FDA. The workgroup developed targeted versions of the Sentinel System Story for each of the four engagement partners. The stories intended for the Public and Providers are shown here. The stories for Health Advocacy Groups and Health Plan Members were developed as templates for further dissemination by those engagement partners. The workgroup will continue to develop and implement dissemination strategies for each of these stories during the coming months. The FDA and Sentinel Operations Center welcome comments on these stories at