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Wednesday, October 31, 2018
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The Sentinel Operations Center (SOC) coordinates the network of Sentinel Data Partners and leads development of the Sentinel Common Data Model (SCDM), a standard data structure that allows Data Partners to quickly execute distributed programs against local data. The SOC Data Core manages creation of the Sentinel Distributed Database (SDD) using the SCDM, and maintains complete documentation of the implementation and characteristics of the SDD. The SDD refers to the data held and maintained by the Data Partners in the SCDM format.
The SCDM was developed in accordance with the Mini-Sentinel Common Data Model Guiding Principles and was originally modeled after the Health Care Systems Research Network Virtual Data Warehouse (HCSRN/VDW). The SCDM currently includes 13 tables that represent information for the data elements needed for Sentinel activities. Records are linked across tables by a unique person identifier, PatID. Details of the 13 tables are provided in the SCDM v7.0.0 document. Both major and minor revisions and enhancements to the SCDM are made on a regular basis, including the addition of clinical information, incorporation of other data types and sources, and revisions based on lessons learned from use of the SDD. This may include adopting variables and formats developed by other programs.

Changes in this release from v6.0.2 to v7.0.0 include a new Mother-Infant Linkage table and are listed in the “History of Modifications” tab of this SCDM v7.0.0 document.

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