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The FDA and the Sentinel Operations Center are committed to making the content of this website accessible to everyone interested in the work of Sentinel.

If you are a Sentinel Collaborator and are submitting a presentation or document to the Sentinel Operations Center for publication on this website, please review the formatting of your document for compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Guidance regarding how to make documents more accessible is available on the FDA website.

In some cases, it is not feasible to format documents posted on the Sentinel website in ways that are fully compliant with Section 508. This is particularly the case with Excel spreadsheet outputs based on summary table queries because these typically include multiple layers of data configured using pivot tables. If you encounter a document that you are unable to access, please contact the Sentinel Operations Center at

The Sentinel Operations Center hopes that you will help to improve the accessibility of the Sentinel website. Please provide feedback regarding places where the structure and technology of the site can be improved. In doing so, you will assist the Sentinel Operation Center's efforts to provide equivalent access and transparency to all individuals who choose to visit this site. Please contact us with comments or questions.