Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs), Warfarin, Allopurinol, or Propylthiouracil Use in Patients with Cutaneous Small-Vessel Vasculitis: A Descriptive Analysis

Basic Details
Date Posted
Wednesday, February 3, 2021
Medical Product
direct oral anticoagulant (DOAC)
Health Outcome(s)
cutaneous small-vessel vasculitis

The purpose of this request was to calculate the number of treated patients and time to treatment among patients diagnosed with cutaneous small-vessel vasculitis (CSVV) in the IBM® MarketScan® Research Databases who had prior use of four medical products: direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs), warfarin, allopurinol, and propylthiouracil. The post-CSVV treatments of interest were predinose/prednisolone alone as well as prednisone/prednisolone combined with an autoimmune medication. The results of this query were used for subsequent Patient Episode Retrieval (PEPR) sampling to further evaluate treatment patterns among patients with CSVV.

The study period included data from October 19, 2010 to December 31, 2018. We executed this request on IBM® MarketScan® Research Databases on December 19, 2019.

Additional Details
FDA Center
Time Period
October 19, 2010 - December 31, 2018
Study Type
Modular Program
Assessment Type
Exploratory Analyses
Population / Cohort
Individuals 21 years of age and older
Data Sources
IBM® MarketScan® Research Databases