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E.g., 8/16/2017
Title Status FDA Center Date Postedsort ascending
Quantitative Bias Analysis Methodology Development Complete 8/4/2017
Rapid Surveillance Capability: 2017-18 Seasonal Influenza Vaccines Surveillance In progress CBER 8/4/2017
Tdap Vaccination During Pregnancy Complete CBER 7/27/2017
Pertussis Cases in Infants Complete CBER 7/27/2017
Routine Querying System Complete 7/19/2017
Hypoglycemia Events After Use of Glyburide vs. Glipizide Complete CDER 7/18/2017
Actemra (Tocilizumab) Utilization Among Pregnant Women Complete CDER 7/18/2017
AEDs and Angioedema Complete CDER 7/17/2017
Thromboembolic Events After Immunoglobulin Administration Complete CBER 7/13/2017
Comparison of safety signaling methods for survival outcomes to control for confounding in the MSDD – Phase 2 In progress 6/29/2017
TreeScan for Drugs In progress 6/26/2017
TreeScan with Propensity Scores In progress 6/26/2017
Evaluation of Propensity Score Based Methods in Sentinel Study Settings Using Simulation Experiments In progress 6/15/2017
Building Internal Processes and Planning Validation Activities Related to Use of ICD-10-CM Codes in the Sentinel Initiative In progress 6/15/2017
Sequential Surveillance for Drug Safety in a Regulatory Environment In progress 6/15/2017
Enhancing TreeScan for Long-Term Follow-up In progress 6/15/2017
Chart Review Gap Analysis In progress 6/15/2017
Developing Capacity for “Surveillance of Prescribing Behaviors” Analyses in Sentinel, with Dronedarone and ECGs as a Use Case In progress 6/15/2017
Disease Risk Score Exploratory Methods In progress 6/15/2017
Developing Disease Risk Score Estimation Functional Specification In progress 6/15/2017
Identification of Pregnant Women in the Sentinel Distributed Database and Determination of Drug Use Among Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Women – ICD-10-CM Pregnancy Tool Algorithm Update In progress 6/15/2017
Optimal Propensity Score Matching Strategies for Subgroup Analyses In progress 6/15/2017
Pilot Test of Sequential PSM Capabilities, Using ACEI/Beta Blockers and Angioedema In progress 6/15/2017
New Molecular Entities Approved in 2015 Complete CDER 5/11/2017
Multiple Births and Preterm Deliveries Complete CDER 5/10/2017
Pharmacogenetic Testing Complete CDER 5/10/2017
Influenza antiviral drug use 2010-2015 Complete CDER 5/4/2017
Sentinel Common Data Model Complete 4/25/2017
Prevalent dispensings of ticagrelor (Brilinta) and vortioxetine hydrobromide (Brintellix) Complete CDER 4/24/2017
New Molecular Entities Approved in 2011 and 2012 Complete CDER 4/24/2017
Analytic Methods for Using Laboratory Test Results In Active Database Surveillance Complete 4/13/2017
Sentinel Data Quality Assurance Practices 3/23/2017
New Molecular Entities Approved in 2013 and 2014 Complete CDER 3/21/2017
Implementation of a Randomized Controlled Trial to Improve Treatment with Oral Anticoagulants in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation (IMPACT-AFib) In progress 3/1/2017
Data Quality Review and Characterization Programs v3.3.4 Complete 2/22/2017
Outcome-Based TreeScan Analyses (DrugSCAN) Complete 2/14/2017
Influenza Vaccines and Birth Outcomes Protocol (PRISM) In progress CBER 1/20/2017
Collection of Patient‐Provided Information through a Mobile Device Application for Use in Comparative Effectiveness and Drug Safety Research In progress 1/5/2017
Identify and Evaluate Manufacturer-Level Drug Utilization and Switching Patterns in Sentinel In progress 12/12/2016
Using a Handheld Device for Patient Data Collection: A Pilot for Medical Countermeasures Surveillance Complete 12/1/2016
Blood transfusions Complete CBER 10/26/2016
ADHD medications and heart failure Complete CDER 10/25/2016
Developments, Applications, And Methodological Challenges to The Use Of Propensity Score Matching Approaches In FDA’s Sentinel Program Complete 10/4/2016
Pilot Of Self-Controlled Tree-Temporal Scan Analysis For Gardasil Vaccine Complete 9/29/2016
PROMPT: Mirabegron Surveillance Complete CDER 9/22/2016
Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury after Red Blood Cell, Plasma and Platelet Administration 2013-2015 In progress CBER 9/16/2016
Dronedarone and electrocardiograms Complete CDER 8/17/2016
Kawasaki Disease and PCV13 Vaccine In progress CBER 8/15/2016
Influenza Vaccines and Febrile Seizures in the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 Influenza Seasons In progress CBER 8/1/2016
Parenteral Iron and Anaphylactoid Reactions Complete CDER 7/22/2016
Infrastructure for Evaluation of Statistical Alerts Arising from Vaccine Safety Data Mining Activities in Mini-Sentinel Complete 7/22/2016
Dabigatran and warfarin use among members with atrial fibrillation and other pre-existing conditions Complete CDER 7/21/2016
MRI and GBCA procedures Complete CDER 7/21/2016
Hysterectomy procedures among females Complete CDER 7/21/2016
Most frequent generic dispensings among members aged 65+ Complete CDER 7/21/2016
Incident testosterone indication diagnoses and testosterone use Complete CDER 7/6/2016
Hypogonadism and testosterone use Complete CDER 7/6/2016
Incident testosterone use Complete CDER 7/6/2016
Length of enrollment among adolescents after HPV vaccination Complete CDER 7/6/2016
Immunoglobulin products and hemolysis Complete CDER 7/6/2016
Isotretinoin and long-term antibiotic use and multiple sclerosis Complete CDER 6/30/2016
Length of enrollment among adolescents Complete CDER 6/30/2016
Evaluation of HPV9 (Gardasil9) Vaccine Safety Surveillance Using the TreeScan Data Mining Method Surveillance Protocol In progress CBER 6/30/2016
New use of statins and rhabdomyolysis Complete CDER 6/30/2016
Epidural steroid use Complete CDER 6/30/2016
Serum creatinine procedures and labs Complete CDER 6/30/2016
Sentinel Distributed Query Tool Complete 6/29/2016
Distributed Query Tool Summary Table Descriptions Complete 6/24/2016
Summary Table V2 Programming Specifications Complete 6/24/2016
Technical Discussion of Summary Table V2 Package Complete 6/24/2016
Summary Tables SAS Package Complete 6/24/2016
Summary Tables Programming Package V2 Investigator Release Notes Complete 6/24/2016
Laparoscopic hysterectomy with and without robotic assistance and adverse outcomes Complete CDER 6/21/2016
New use of dabigatran or warfarin and gastrointestinal hemorrhage or intracerebral hemorrhage events Complete CDER 6/21/2016
New use of anti-epileptic drugs and agranulocytosis Complete CDER 6/21/2016