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E.g., 4/3/2020
Title Status FDA Centersort descending Date Posted
Sequential Surveillance for Drug Safety in a Regulatory Environment Complete 03/05/2018
Coding Trend Analyses: Nasal Septal Perforations Complete 04/16/2019
Demonstrate Feasibility of New Mini-Sentinel Group Sequential Monitoring Methods in a Distributed Setting by Implementing Them in Practice Complete 01/29/2014
Coding Trend Analyses: Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Complete 03/01/2019
Validation of Severe Liver Injury Cases Complete 01/29/2013
Characteristics of Patients Using Anti-Diabetic Agents in the Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network (PCORnet): An Exploratory Query of a Network of Electronic Health Records Complete 03/26/2019
Coding Trend Analyses: Stillbirth - Outpatient Care Setting Complete 08/30/2019
Enhancing TreeScan for Long-Term Follow-up (TreeScan Censoring) Complete 06/15/2017
Coding Trend Analyses: Heart Failure Complete 04/16/2019
Mini-Sentinel: Continuous versus Group Sequential Analysis for Post-Market Drug and Vaccine Safety Surveillance Complete 03/13/2014
Coding Trend Analyses: Intracranial Hemorrhage - Inpatient Care Setting Complete 03/01/2019
Validation of Anaphylaxis Cases Complete 03/27/2013
Examining the Ability to Conduct Influenza Antiviral Effectiveness Studies in Sentinel by Improving Confounding Control In progress 03/21/2019
Coding Trend Analyses: Kidney Replacement Complete 09/04/2019
TreeScan for Drugs In progress 06/26/2017
Severe Uterine Bleed with Surgical Management Algorithm Defined in "Severe Uterine Bleed following Novel Oral Anticoagulants Use: A Propensity Score Matched Analysis" Complete 04/18/2019
Developing Approaches to Conducting Randomized Trials using the Mini-Sentinel Distributed Database Complete 04/23/2014
Heart Failure Algorithm Defined in "Acute Myocardial Infarction and Heart Failure following Saxagliptin or Sitagliptin Use: A Propensity Score Matched Analysis" Complete 04/01/2019
Alternative Methods for Health Outcomes of Interest Validation Complete 09/25/2013
Investigation of Nonproprietary Name Suffix Use for Biologics and Biosimilars In progress 04/24/2019
Coding Trend Analyses: Dialysis Complete 09/06/2019
Coding Trend Analyses: Kidney Disease Complete 09/27/2019
TreeScan with Propensity Scores Complete 06/26/2017
Severe Uterine Bleed with Transfusion Management Algorithm Defined in "Severe Uterine Bleed following Novel Oral Anticoagulants Use: A Propensity Score Matched Analysis" Complete 04/18/2019
Mini-Sentinel: Statistical Methods for Improving Confounder Adjustment For Emergent Treatment Comparison Complete 04/22/2014
Acute Myocardial Infarction Algorithm Defined in "Acute Myocardial Infarction and Heart Failure following Saxagliptin or Sitagliptin Use: A Propensity Score Matched Analysis" Complete 04/01/2019
Validation of Acute Kidney Injury Cases Complete 12/22/2013
Validation of Acute Pancreatitis Using Machine Learning and Multi-Site Adaptation for Anaphylaxis In progress 04/30/2019
Development of a Chart Validation Table In progress 05/02/2019
Coding Trend Analyses: Brain Tumor Complete 09/27/2019
Comparison of Safety Signaling Methods for Survival Outcomes to Control for Confounding in the Mini-Sentinel Distributed Database – Phase 2 Complete 08/15/2018
Coding Trend Analyses: Esophageal Cancer Complete 04/25/2019
Mini-Sentinel: 15 Cohorts of Interest for Surveillance Preparedness Complete 05/07/2014
Coding Trend Analyses: Gout Complete 03/28/2019
HOI Evidence Reviews (PRISM) Complete 12/25/2013
Application of TreeScan Data Mining Method to HPV9 (Gardasil 9) Vaccine Complete 09/03/2019
Coding Trend Analyses: Poisoning Complete 09/27/2019
Sensitivity of Safety Analyses to Minor Changes in Specifications Applied to Test Case Complete 03/06/2018
Coding Trend Analyses: Endometrial Cancer Complete 04/25/2019
Mini-Sentinel: Two-Dimensional Scan Statistics for Assessing Vaccine Safety in Pregnancy (PRISM) Complete 04/27/2016
Coding Trend Analyses: Colon Cancer Complete 03/28/2019
16 Health Outcomes of Interest for Surveillance Preparedness Complete 07/01/2014
TreeScan in Pregnancy In progress 01/16/2020
Coding Trend Analyses: Syncope Complete 09/27/2019
Evaluation of New Technologies Associated with Chart Review Complete 08/16/2017
Coding Trend Analyses: Lung Cancer Complete 04/25/2019
Mini-Sentinel: Quantifying the Impact of Time-Varying Baseline Risk Adjustment in the Self-Controlled Risk Interval Design (PRISM) Complete 11/04/2015
Coding Trend Analyses: Cervical Cancer Complete 03/28/2019
Health Outcome Algorithm Inventory Complete 05/23/2016
Collection of Patient-Provided Information through a Mobile Device Application for Use in Comparative Effectiveness and Drug Safety Research Complete 01/03/2017
Coding Trend Analyses: Head Injury Complete 09/27/2019
Death Data Exploration Complete 08/17/2017
Coding Trend Analyses: Kidney and Pelvis Cancer Complete 04/25/2019
Decision Analysis for Surveillance and Health - Pandemic Influenza (PRISM) Complete 11/13/2014
Coding Trend Analyses: Anal Cancer Complete 03/28/2019
Validation of Lymphoma in ICD-10-CM In progress 02/22/2018
Implementation of a Randomized Controlled Trial to Improve Treatment with Oral Anticoagulants in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation (IMPACT-AFib) In progress 05/07/2019
Coding Trend Analyses: Hospitalized Influenza Complete 10/11/2019
Methotrexate Medication Errors Complete 12/31/2017
Coding Trend Analysis: Leukemia Complete 04/25/2019
TreeScan Power (PRISM) Complete 06/12/2017
Coding Trend Analyses: Male Breast Cancer Complete 03/28/2019
Validation of Serious Infections among an Immunocompromised Population In progress 11/19/2017
FDA-Catalyst MyStudies App Alignment with Pragmatic Trials and/or Registries In progress 10/16/2018
Coding Trend Analyses: Gastrointestinal Bleed Complete 10/11/2019
Evaluating Variability with 1:1 Propensity Score-Matched Analyses Complete 08/18/2017
Coding Trend Analyses: Lymphoma Complete 04/25/2019
TreeScan Extension (PRISM) Complete 12/22/2017
Coding Trend Analyses: Female Breast Cancer Complete 03/28/2019
Venous Thromboembolism Algorithm Defined in "Venous Thromboembolism following Continuous or Extended Cycle Contraceptive Use: A Propensity Score Matched Analysis" Complete 04/23/2018
FDA-Catalyst Alignment with the CMS Linkage to the PCORI RELIANCE Trial In progress 05/08/2019
Coding Trend Analyses: Anaphylaxis Complete 10/30/2019
The Use of Propensity Score Matching for Estimating Hazard Ratios in Post-Market Surveillance with Heavy Censoring Complete 08/18/2017
Osteoporotic Fracture Algorithm Defined in "Osteoporotic Fractures following Lupron Depot-PED Use: A Multiple Factor Matched Analysis" Complete 07/02/2019
Testing Routine Querying Tools with Known Positive Exposure-Outcome Associations: Angioedema Events After Use of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitors versus Beta-blockers Complete 08/22/2016