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E.g., 8/18/2019
Title Status FDA Centersort ascending Date Posted
Trends in Fibroid Surgery and Use of Power Morcellation Complete CDRH 12/14/2017
Use of Stents Complete CDRH 01/23/2018
Occurrence of Selected HCPCS Codes 1 Complete CDER 08/30/2012
Incident Testosterone Indication Diagnoses and Testosterone Use Complete CDER 07/06/2016
Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer following Hydrochlorothiazide Use: A Propensity Score Matched Analysis In progress CDER 06/11/2019
Smoking Cessation Drugs and Cardiovascular Outcomes Complete CDER 01/15/2012
Activa Tremor Control Diagnoses Complete CDER 10/15/2014
Incident Use of Rivaroxaban Complete CDER 03/07/2018
Multiple Sclerosis Medication Use Complete CDER 01/08/2014
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) Inhibitor Prevalent and Incident Use Complete CDER 05/09/2013
Drug Use Following Genetic Testing Among Patients with Cancer Complete CDER 05/10/2017
Occurrence of Selected Generic Drugs 4 Complete CDER 12/13/2012
Hypogonadism and Testosterone Use Complete CDER 07/06/2016
Severe Uterine Bleed following Novel Oral Anticoagulants Use: A Propensity Score Matched Analysis In progress CDER 04/18/2019
Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers and Celiac Disease Complete CDER 01/16/2012
Activa Tremor Control Procedures Complete CDER 10/16/2014
Prevalent and Incident Use of Generic Name Kinase Inhibitors In progress CDER 03/08/2018
Multiple Sclerosis Medication Injections Complete CDER 01/08/2014
Use of Ospemifene, Boceprevir, and Telaprevir In progress CDER 12/29/2017
Parkinson’s Disease Medication Use Complete CDER 06/07/2013
Golimumab, Ustekinumab, and Dronedarone Hydrochloride Use (by Quarter) Complete CDER 12/13/2012
Incident Testosterone Use Complete CDER 07/06/2016
Utilization Patterns of Obesity Drugs Complete CDER 03/19/2019
Ascension Metacarpophalangeal Diagnoses Complete CDER 10/16/2014
Incident Use of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Drugs In progress CDER 03/13/2018
Prevalent and Incident Use of Acetazolamide In progress CDER 01/09/2014
Incident and Prevalent Dispensings of Mirabegron In progress CDER 01/01/2018
Oxicam NSAIDs, Modafinil/Armodafinil, Sulfamothoxazole and Severe Cutaneous Adverse Reaction (SCAR) Events Complete CDER 06/07/2013
Anti-epileptic Drugs and Angioedema Complete CDER 07/17/2017
Occurrence of Selected Generic Drugs 5 Complete CDER 12/13/2012
SGLT-2 Inhibitor Use and Incidence of Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Complete CDER 03/19/2019
Serious Cutaneous Adverse Reaction (SCAR) Diagnoses Complete CDER 04/09/2012
Ascension Metacarpophalangeal Procedures Complete CDER 10/16/2014
Concomitancy and Indications for Idelalisib Use Complete CDER 03/13/2018
PROMPT: Rivaroxaban Surveillance Complete CDER 01/31/2018
Clostridium Difficile Prevalence and Vancomycin, Fidaxomicin, and Tocilizumab Use Complete CDER 01/08/2018
Angiotensin Receptor Blockers (ARBs), Hydrochlorothiazide, Atenolol, Amlodipine Use and Celiac Disease Complete CDER 06/07/2013
Actemra (Tocilizumab) Utilization Among Pregnant Women Complete CDER 07/18/2017
Natalizumab and Efalizumab Use Complete CDER 12/13/2012
Characteristics of Gout Patients and Use of Urate-Lowering Therapies Complete CDER 03/22/2019
Aseptic Necrosis of Bone Jaw Diagnoses Complete CDER 04/09/2012
CPAX Aneurysm Diagnoses Complete CDER 10/16/2014
Identifying Suicide Codes in the Sentinel Distributed Database (SDD) Complete CDER 04/24/2018
Acute Kidney Failure Diagnoses Complete CDER 01/11/2014
Use of Dronedarone HCL In progress CDER 01/08/2018
Occurrence of Selected Pediatric Drugs 1 Complete CDER 06/07/2013
Occurrence of Selected Generic Drugs 3 Complete CDER 12/13/2012
Immunoglobulin Products and Hemolysis Complete CDER 07/06/2016
Brintellix and Brilinta Medication Errors due to Name Confusion Complete CDER 03/25/2019
Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy Diagnoses Complete CDER 04/26/2012
CPAX Aneurysm Procedure Codes Complete CDER 10/21/2014
Use of Atrial Fibrillation Drugs Complete CDER 03/16/2018
Hemodialysis Procedures Complete CDER 01/12/2014
Occurrence of Selected Generic Drugs 13 Complete CDER 01/11/2018
Occurrence of Selected Generic Drugs 7 Complete CDER 07/17/2013
Golimumab, Ustekinumab, and Dronedarone Hydrochloride Use (by Year) Complete CDER 12/13/2012
New Use of Statins and Rhabdomyolysis Complete CDER 06/30/2016
Acute Myocardial Infarction and Stroke among Patients with Testosterone-Related Indications Complete CDER 03/25/2019
Hyperlipidemia Diagnoses Complete CDER 04/26/2012
Lap-band Diagnosis Codes Complete CDER 10/20/2014
Counts and Prevalence of Alendronate, Risedronate, Ibandronate, and Zolendronate Complete CDER 03/19/2018
Occurrence of Selected Dental HCPCS Codes Complete CDER 01/11/2014
Occurrence of Selected Generic Drugs 8 Complete CDER 07/17/2013
Indications of Use Among Oral Antifungal Drug Users Complete CDER 09/01/2017
Injection Ustekinumab and Injection Denosumab Procedures Complete CDER 12/13/2012
Serum Creatinine Procedures and Labs Complete CDER 06/30/2016
Dolutegravir Use During Pregnancy Complete CDER 03/28/2019
Heart/Lung Resuscitation (CPR), Injection Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride (HCL), Injection Adrenaline Epinephrine Procedures Complete CDER 04/26/2012
Procedure Codes Related to Memory Gel Breast Implants Complete CDER 11/10/2014
Counts and Prevalence of Linezolid and Vancomycin Complete CDER 03/19/2018
Nursing Home Facility HCPCS Codes Complete CDER 01/10/2014
Prevalent and Incident Use of Isotretinoin In progress CDER 01/16/2018
New Molecular Entities In progress CDER 10/04/2017
Pegylated Products Use In progress CDER 10/06/2017
Injection Natalizumab Procedures Complete CDER 12/13/2012