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E.g., 2/26/2020
Titlesort ascending Status FDA Center Date Posted
Occurrence of Selected Dental HCPCS Codes Complete CDER 01/11/2014
Occurrence of Selected Biological Product HCPCS Codes Complete CBER 10/10/2013
Occurrence of Selected Biological Generic Drug Products Complete CBER 10/10/2013
Occurrence of Kidney Stones Complete CDER 02/25/2014
Nursing Home HCPCS Codes Complete CDER 12/29/2013
Nursing Home Facility HCPCS Codes Complete CDER 01/10/2014
Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor Procedures Complete CDER 01/07/2013
Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer following Hydrochlorothiazide Use: A Propensity Score Matched Analysis In progress CDER 06/11/2019
Niacin and Niacin Combination Products, Fenofibrates, and Omega-3 Products In progress CDER 10/12/2017
Niacin and Fenofibrate Use and Outcomes with Propensity Score Matching Complete CDER 11/06/2017
New Use of Statins and Rhabdomyolysis Complete CDER 06/30/2016
New Use of Dabigatran or Warfarin and Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage or Intracerebral Hemorrhage Events Complete CDER 06/21/2016
New Use of Anti-Epileptic Drugs and Agranulocytosis Complete CDER 06/21/2016
New Pediatric Users of Leuprolide Acetate Depot Complete CDER 08/17/2018
New Molecular Entities In progress CDER 10/04/2017
Neuropsychiatric Events following Montelukast Use: A Propensity Score Matched Analysis Complete CDER 09/27/2019
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Procedures Complete CDER 06/08/2012
Natalizumab, Efalizumab, and Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML) Complete CDER 01/10/2013
Natalizumab and Efalizumab Use Complete CDER 12/13/2012
Mycophenolate Dispensings and Procedures (by Quarter) Complete CDER 12/01/2017
Mycophenolate Dispensings and Procedures In progress CDER 12/01/2017
Multiple Sclerosis Medication Use Complete CDER 01/08/2014
Multiple Sclerosis Medication Injections Complete CDER 01/08/2014
Multiple Births and Preterm Deliveries Complete CDER 05/10/2017
MRI and GBCA Procedures Complete CDER 07/21/2016
Most Frequent Generic Dispensings Among Members Aged 65+ Complete CDER 07/21/2016
Molecularly Targeted Anti-Cancer Therapies Complete CDER 01/24/2018
Mirabegron Use In progress CDER 10/11/2017
Mini-Sentinel: Vaccine Safety Monitoring - Data Characterization Complete 12/27/2013
Mini-Sentinel: Utilization of the DaVinci Device and Other Robotic-Assisted Devices Complete CDRH 01/22/2020
Mini-Sentinel: Two-Dimensional Scan Statistics for Assessing Vaccine Safety in Pregnancy (PRISM) Complete 04/27/2016
Mini-Sentinel: Taxonomy of Observational Study Designs - Phase 3 Complete 11/20/2013
Mini-Sentinel: Taxonomy of Observational Study Designs - Phase 2 Complete 04/09/2012
Mini-Sentinel: Taxonomy of Observational Study Designs - Phase 1 Complete 11/11/2010
Mini-Sentinel: Summary of Antidiabetic Agent Use During Pregnancy Complete CDER 01/02/2020
Mini-Sentinel: Statistical Methods for Improving Confounder Adjustment For Emergent Treatment Comparison Complete 04/22/2014
Mini-Sentinel: Statistical Methods for Estimating Causal Risk Differences (PRISM) Complete 03/07/2012
Mini-Sentinel: Signal Evaluation Methods (Automated) Complete 08/17/2011
Mini-Sentinel: Sequential Testing Methods Complete 08/11/2011
Mini-Sentinel: Safety Signaling Methods for Survival Outcomes to Control for Confounding in the Mini-Sentinel Distributed Database Complete 10/13/2015
Mini-Sentinel: Routine Prospective Safety Surveillance for New Drugs, Vaccines, and Other Biologic Products Complete 04/24/2016
Mini-Sentinel: Re-Use of Mini-Sentinel Data Following Rapid Assessments of Potential Safety Signals Using Customizable Modular Programs Complete 12/04/2012
Mini-Sentinel: Quantifying the Impact of Time-Varying Baseline Risk Adjustment in the Self-Controlled Risk Interval Design (PRISM) Complete 11/04/2015
Mini-Sentinel: Pilot Of Self-Controlled Tree-Temporal Scan Analysis For Gardasil Vaccine Complete 09/30/2016
Mini-Sentinel: Methods to Evaluate Impact of FDA Regulatory Actions Complete 01/24/2013
Mini-Sentinel: Identifying Complementary Data Sources (PRISM) Complete 02/13/2012
Mini-Sentinel: Framework for Assessment of Signal Refinement Positive Results Complete 01/27/2013
Mini-Sentinel: Evaluating Strategies for Data Sharing and Analyses in Distributed Data Settings Complete 01/11/2013
Mini-Sentinel: Equipping PRISM for Pandemic Influenza: Interoperability Specification for Data Partners and Immunization Registries Complete 10/16/2013
Mini-Sentinel: Developing, Implementing, and Testing a Program for High-Dimensional Propensity Score Adjustment in the Mini-Sentinel Distributed Data Environment Complete 10/11/2013
Mini-Sentinel: Continuous versus Group Sequential Analysis for Post-Market Drug and Vaccine Safety Surveillance Complete 03/13/2014
Mini-Sentinel: Collecting Supplemental Information via Two-Phase Study Designs to Investigate Signals Arising from Medication Safety Surveillance Activities Complete 01/14/2014
Mini-Sentinel: Case-Based Methods Complete 10/04/2011
Mini-Sentinel: Birth Certificate Data Matching for the Postlicensure Rapid Immunization Safety Monitoring (PRISM) Program Complete 04/24/2016
Mini-Sentinel: Automated Approaches to Anaphylaxis Case Classification Using Unstructured Data Complete 03/07/2018
Mini-Sentinel: Anonymous Linking of Distributed Databases Complete 09/24/2013
Mini-Sentinel: Analytical Methods to Assess Robustness of Drug Safety Monitoring Results Complete 09/04/2015
Mini-Sentinel: Analytic Methods for Using Laboratory Test Results in Active Database Surveillance Complete 04/12/2017
Mini-Sentinel: 15 Cohorts of Interest for Surveillance Preparedness Complete 05/07/2014
Milk Allergy Diagnoses Complete CDER 05/11/2012
Methotrexate Medication Errors Complete 12/31/2017
Methotrexate and Tofacitinib Use In progress CDER 11/24/2014
Metabolic Effects of Second Generation Antipsychotics in Youth, Subprojects 1, 2, and 3 Complete CDER 02/01/2018
Machine Learning Pilot for Electronic Phenotyping of Health Outcomes of Interest In progress 11/14/2018
Lupron Depot-PED Use Among Patients with Central Precocious Puberty Complete CDER 04/15/2019
Long Acting Beta2-Agonists (LABA) Policies and Drug Utilization Patterns Complete CDER 01/09/2014
Lindane Use Summary Table Complete CDER 06/22/2012
Lindane Use Modular Program Complete CDER 01/10/2013
Length of Follow-up Time for New Users of Immunosuppressive Drugs Complete CDER 02/28/2018
Length of Enrollment in Pediatric Population Complete CDER 01/17/2018
Length of Enrollment Among Adolescents after HPV Vaccination Complete CBER 07/06/2016
Laparoscopic Hysterectomy With and Without Robotic Assistance and Adverse Outcomes Complete CDER 06/21/2016
Lap-band Diagnosis Codes Complete CDER 10/20/2014
IVIg Product Use and Hemolysis Events Complete CDER 06/03/2016
IVIg Exposure and Renal Failure Complete CBER 03/07/2015