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Validation of Acute Kidney Injury Cases

    Basic Details
    Date Posted
    Health Outcome(s)
    acute kidney injury
    Study Type
    Validations Supported by Traditional Medical Chart Review

    Project to assess the positive predictive value of a diagnosis and procedure code-based algorithm for identifying cases of acute kidney injury in electronic healthcare databases using an expert panel to review extracts from full-text medical records stripped of direct identifiers.

    Additional Information
    Time Period
    January 2011-December 2011
    Data Source(s)
    Mini-Sentinel Distributed Database (MSDD)
    Workgroup Leader(s)

    Uptal D. Patel MD; Divisions of Nephrology and Pediatric Nephrology, Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics, Duke University School of Medicine, and the Duke Clinical Research Institute, Durham, NC

    Workgroup Member(s)

    N. Chantelle Hardy MPH; Duke Clinical Research Institute, Durham, NC

    David H. Smith RPh, PhD; Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, Portland, OR

    Jerry H. Gurwitz MD; Meyers Primary Care Institute, a joint endeavor of Fallon Community Health Plan, Reliant Medical Group, and University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA

    Chi-yuan Hsu MD, MSc; University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

    Chirag R. Parikh MD, PhD; Yale University, New Haven, CT

    Steven M. Brunelli MD, MSCE; Meghan Baker MD, ScD; Susan Forrow BA; Department of Population Medicine, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

    Carly Comins BS; Department of Population Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, Boston, MA

    Denise M. Boudreau PhD, RPh; Group Health Cooperative, Seattle, WA

    Chunfu Liu ScD; Government & Academic Research, HealthCore, Alexandria, VA

    Pamala A. Pawloski PharmD; HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research, Minneapolis, MN

    Nandini Selvam PhD, MPH; Government & Academic Research, HealthCore, Alexandria, VA

    Mano S. Selvan PhD; Comprehensive Health Insights, Humana Inc., Louisville, KY

    Shannon Stratton BS; Department of Preventive Medicine, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, TN

    Jeffrey J. VanWormer PhD; Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation, Marshfield, WI

    George Aggrey MD, MPH; U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Silver Spring, MD

    Melanie Blank MD; U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Silver Spring, MD

    Patrick Archdeacon MD; U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Silver Spring, MD