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Mini-Sentinel Modular Program 1: Characterization of Use of Medical Product Exposures

    Basic Details
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    To improve programming efficiency and facilitate rapid querying of data held by Mini-Sentinel Data Partners, the Mini-Sentinel Operations Center is developing modular programs to accomplish common tasks. Each program has several required input parameters and the output contains summary-level counts (e.g., number of members exposed to a drug, number of members with a specific diagnosis/condition) stratified by various parameters (e.g., age group, sex, year). Modular Program #1 characterizes use of specified products (or groups of products) in the outpatient pharmacy dispensing file defined by National Drug Codes (NDC). Example: use of statins by age group and sex over time.

    Functionality of retired modular programs has been integrated into the routine querying system. Click here for more information.

    Data Source(s)
    Mini-Sentinel Distributed Database (MSDD)