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Data Extraction and Management in Networks of Observational Health Care Databases for Scientific Research: A Comparison of EU-ADR, OMOP, Mini-Sentinel and MATRICE Strategies

    Basic Details

    A conceptual framework was created distinguishing three steps in local data processing: (1) data reorganization into a data structure common across the network; (2) derivation of study variables not present in original data; and (3) application of study design to transform longitudinal data into aggregated data sets for statistical analysis.


    Rosa Gini PhD, Martijn Schuemie PhD, Jeffrey Brown PhD, Patrick Ryan PhD, Edoardo Vacchi PhD, Massimo Coppola, Walter Cazzola PhD, Preciosa Coloma MD, PhD, Roberto Berni, Gayo Diallo PhD, José Luis Oliveira PhD, Paul Avillach MD, PhD, Gianluca Trifirò MD, PhD, Peter Rijnbeek PhD, MSc, Mariadonata Bellentani, Johan van Der Lei MD, PhD, Niek Klazinga MD, PhD, Miriam Sturkenboom PhD, MS