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Injection Amphotericin Procedures

    Basic Details
    Date Posted
    Medical Product
    injection amphotericin B
    injection amphotericin B cholesteryl
    injection amphotericin B lipid complex
    injection amphotericin B lipid form
    injection amphotericin B liposome

    Summary table assessment of the occurrence of injection amphotericin procedure codes, including Injection Amphotericin B 50 MG, Injection Amphotericin B Lipid Form 50 MG, Injection Amphotericin B Lipid Complex 10 MG, Injection Amphotericin B Cholesteryl 10 MG, and Injection Amphotericin B Liposome 10 MG. Results were generated using the Mini-Sentinel Distributed Query Tool and the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) Summary Table.Summary tables are precompiled stratified counts. Queries were run in the outpatient setting. Queries were executed in April-May 2012. This report includes data from 16 Data Partners.

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    FDA Center
    Time Period
    2000 - 2011
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    Data Sources
    Mini-Sentinel Distributed Database (MSDD)