Summary Table Queries

Summary Table Queries are very simple queries on counts, prevalence, and incidence of drug products, diagnosis codes, and procedure codes stratified by year, sex, age group, and where appropriate, setting of care.  

Sentinel Distributed Query Tool

Sentinel uses PopMedNet, an open-source software application, to enable the operation and governance of the secure Sentinel distributed data network. The PopMedNet software facilitates secure distribution and response of all Sentinel distributed queries, enables monitoring of query activity, and provides a single point of contact for Sentinel Data Partners for all Sentinel querying activity. The Sentinel Distributed Query Tool implementation is compliant with Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) Moderate level as defined by NIST SP 800-53 Revision 4, Recommended Security Controls for Federal Information Systems.

Sentinel Distributed Query Tool / PopMedNet Documentation

The Sentinel Query Tool Summary Table Description delineates the structure of the summary tables that are currently supported by the query tool.

Distributed Query Tool Summary Table Descriptions v2.0

The Sentinel Summary Table V2 Programming Specifications describe the logic and processes required to create Summary Tables for the Sentinel Query Tool.

Summary Table V2 Programming Specifications (v1.0)

The Technical Discussion of Summary Table v2.0 Package describes the various technical approaches and methods that guided the design and development efforts for the v2.0 Summary Tables Package.

Technical Discussion of Summary Table V2 Package (v0.3)

The Summary Tables SAS Packages includes the complete SAS program package that is distributed to Sentinel Data Partners to create the Summary Tables from their Sentinel Common Data Model compliant datasets. This package includes all SAS code and lookup/reference tables used.

Summary Tables SAS Package

The Sentinel Summary Tables v2 Investigator Release Notes describe changes in version 2 of the Summary Tables SAS programming package.

Summary Tables Programming Package V2 Investigator Release Notes

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