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Defining COVID-19 Cohorts in Real-World Data

    Basic Details

    This presentation was given at the Reagan-Udall Foundation and Friends of Cancer Research COVID-19 Diagnostics Evidence Accelerator Parallel Analysis meeting by Noelle Cocoros, Judith C. Maro, and Jeff Brown from Sentinel Operations Center. The presentation includes both “Defining COVID-19 cohorts in real-world data” and “Data Type Considerations in Data Networks”. In “Defining COVID-19 cohorts in real-world data,” Noelle Cocoros provides considerations for cohort identification in claims and electronic health record (EHR) data in relation to real-world data studies. In “Data Type Considerations in Data Networks,” Judith C. Maro and Jeff Brown discuss commonly used electronic data types and the impact of missingness in study protocols.


    Noelle Cocoros, Judith C. Maro, Jeff Brown