Health Outcome of Interest Validations and Literature Reviews

Validations of health outcomes involve checking codes derived from electronic medical records and administrative claims-based data against medical chart information to verify that the electronic codes validly and reliably identify individuals with particular medical conditions.    

Literature reviews primarily concern identification of health outcomes and focus on determining which codes (such as ICD-9-CM codes, ICD-10 codes, procedure codes, etc.) in electronic medical record and administrative claims-based data are the most valid and reliable indicators of the presence of particular medical conditions.

Title Status Date Postedsort ascending
Validation of Hodgkin’s and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in ICD-10 CM In progress 02/22/2018
Validation of Serious Infections among an Immunocompromised Population In progress 11/20/2017
Health Outcome Algorithm Inventory Complete 05/23/2016
16 Health Outcomes of Interest for Surveillance Preparedness Complete 07/01/2014
HOI Evidence Reviews (PRISM) Complete 12/25/2013
Validation of Acute Kidney Injury Cases Complete 12/22/2013
Alternative Methods for Health Outcomes of Interest Validation Complete 09/25/2013
Validation of Anaphylaxis Cases Complete 03/27/2013
Validation of Severe Liver Injury Cases Complete 01/29/2013
HOI Literature Review - Venous Thromboembolism Complete 09/05/2011
HOI Literature Review - Gap Analysis Complete 08/18/2011
HOI Literature Review - Hypersensitivity Reactions Complete 07/29/2011
HOI Literature Review - Orthopedic Implant Removal Complete 07/19/2011
HOI Literature Review - Pulmonary Fibrosis Complete 07/14/2011
Validation of Acute Myocardial Infarction Cases Complete 07/01/2011
HOI Literature Review - Atrial Fibrillation Complete 06/30/2011
HOI Literature Review - Erythema Multiforme Complete 06/16/2011
HOI Literature Review - Transfusion Sepsis Complete 06/15/2011
HOI Literature Review - Respiratory Failure Complete 06/13/2011
HOI Literature Review - Anaphylaxis Complete 06/10/2011
HOI Literature Review - Seizures Complete 06/06/2011
HOI Literature Review - CVA/TIA Complete 06/02/2011
HOI Literature Review- Transfusion/Graft Infections Complete 05/27/2011
HOI Literature Review - Lymphomas Complete 05/27/2011
HOI Literature Review - ABO Incompatibility Complete 05/27/2011
HOI Literature Review - Pancreatitis Complete 05/20/2011
HOI Literature Review - Cardiac Arrhythmias Complete 03/02/2011
HOI Literature Review - Congestive Heart Failure Complete 02/08/2011
HOI Literature Review - Depression Complete 02/08/2011
HOI Literature Review - Suicide Complete 02/08/2011