Sentinel develops a wide range of methods to enhance medical product safety assessment. Early stage methods projects represent truly novel ideas and innovations that require completion of proof-of-concept work. Mid-stage methods projects focus on methodological techniques that have already been shown to be valuable statistically or epidemiologically, but have not been fully applied in the Sentinel Distributed Database (SDD). Later-stage methods projects use a prototype to inform the development, implementation, and enhancement of production-ready analytic tools.  

Title Statussort descending Date Posted
Assessing Sentinel System Capability to Collect and Analyze Medical Countermeasure Data for the FDA Office of Counterterrorism and Emerging Threats (OCET) In progress 05/15/2020
Developing Disease Risk Score Estimation Functional Specification In progress 06/15/2017
Validation of Anaphylaxis Using Machine Learning In progress 10/11/2018
Validation of Hospitalized COVID-19 Detected from Claims-Based Algorithms In progress 06/01/2020
Inverse Probability of Treatment Weighting Functional Specifications and Prototype Development In progress 08/24/2017
Machine Learning Pilot for Electronic Phenotyping of Health Outcomes of Interest In progress 11/14/2018
Master Protocol Development: COVID-19 Natural History In progress 06/05/2020
Effects of Medical Products on Suicidal Ideation and Behavior In progress 03/02/2020
TriNetX Rapid Querying In progress 06/05/2020
Descriptive Assessment of Coagulopathy Among COVID-19 Patients in the Inpatient Setting: A Sentinel Feasibility Study In progress 06/17/2020
Sequential TreeScan Signal Identification Methods Development In progress 12/11/2018
Examining the Ability to Conduct Influenza Antiviral Effectiveness Studies in Sentinel by Improving Confounding Control In progress 03/21/2019
TreeScan for Drugs In progress 06/26/2017
Investigation of Nonproprietary Name Suffix Use for Biologics and Biosimilars In progress 04/24/2019
Validation of Acute Pancreatitis Using Machine Learning and Multi-Site Adaptation for Anaphylaxis In progress 04/30/2019
Descriptive Analyses in the Sentinel System for the FDA Office of Counterterrorism and Emerging Threats (OCET) In progress 07/18/2018
TreeScan in Pregnancy In progress 06/19/2020
Horizon Scan of Electronic Health Record Databases In progress 04/20/2020